1From concept and design through development and maintenance, our webmasters can elevate your firm’s brand by improving the look and function of your website.

This often-overlooked area of legal practice speaks volumes about a firm’s professionalism, stability and general attention to detail. A well-managed and updated site can increase web traffic, improve search engine ratings and boost client confidence.

Legal Cloud Provider hosting services are just the beginning.  Like any machine, a website must be attended to on a regular basis to ensure it’s in good running order. Inspecting all pieces of the machine will ensure your website stays error-free. Our certified technicians will administer your system, allowing you to focus on your practice, not tedious IT administrative functions. We will also proactively review the site’s log files on a regular basis, never waiting for an incident to occur, but always a step ahead.

With Legal Cloud Provider, you’re assured support from professionals who know your code and configuration, whether you need corrective action, database support or optimization support. We also have designers readily available to help you make the most of your website, with content or graphic updates, page additions, and even eye-catching original graphics & multimedia.

Of course, backing up your assets and keeping them secure is essential and can be a lifesaver if you ever need to return to an earlier file, database, image or configuration. Thankfully, Legal Cloud Provider has all your cloud storage and security needs locked down. Our process was created to ensure your website is operating at optimum capacity for optimum benefit. We put web designers, programmers, web marketers, and IT professionals at your service. Legal Cloud Provider‘s list of website management services is both comprehensive and flexible, with the ability to be tailored to your specific needs.