Cloud-based IT Solutions for Law Firms

Legal Cloud Provider hosts all the software applications you need to run your law firm,

offering highly secure and functional access to your practice

anytime anywhere any device

Whether it’s editing a file, launching an app, accessing folders, or printing and scanning,

Legal Cloud Provider offers everything you’d have in a typical office environment, and then some.

We make it all possible, simply and securely.

Services We Offer:

Server & Infrastructure Hosting

Legal Cloud Provider was created just for lawyers and law firms and offers all of the top legal applications. We provide a base package that includes the complete Microsoft® Office suite, as well as the latest anti-virus and anti-spam protection and nightly backups of your data.

Voice Over IP Hosting

Save money, time and inconvenience of old, out-dated phone system by transferring to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system, hosted in the cloud.  Legal Cloud Provider offers our clients optimal voice solutions, delivering voice traffic using an Internet connection. We are confident that our elite technical support team will meet all of your telecommunications challenges and assist in design, analysis and management of the voice systems for your law firm.

Exchange Email Hosting

Don’t put your sensitive messages at risk with free or ISP-provided email service. Hosted Exchange is reliable, secure and economical.
Exchange Legal Edition helps law firms maintain security compliance, protect their data and honor their ethical obligations.

User Desktop Hosting

Access everything in your personal desktop environment… from anywhere at any time!

Legal Software & Application Hosting

With all the Practice Management software applications available, determining what you need can be confusing. Our Legal Application Specialists can help you determine the best options, whether you are starting your own firm or looking to switch law practice management applications.  Already like what you’re using, but want more access? We can easily migrate your existing software to your cloud-based environment.

Document Management

Perhaps the biggest thing that separates legal cloud hosting from other industries is the large volume of files. Every year the amount of information grows and accessing those stored files from countless folders and drives can be a frustrating process. Document Management applications provide efficiency with an organized, systematic approach to filing, storing and retrieving the information that you paid to create.