When you choose Legal Cloud Provider as your cloud hosting service,

you get a cloud-based work environment designed specifically for law firms.

736x368_blog_image-legalWe host everything you use in your current work environment – including your existing software applications, files and folders – in our highly secure cloud-based data centers.  Everything you need to do your job, from the most basic office programs to specific legal applications, is right there.

Why Put Your Law Firm in the Cloud?

Improved flexibility and access

Reduced infrastructure and support costs

Peace of mind that your data is safe and secure

Fewer distractions from the practice of law

Man in home office using computer holding paperwork and smilingTech Support Exclusively for Law Firms

“My practice can take me across town and across the country. I need my law office to be wherever I am, and the convenience of having everything I need for court on my laptop stands in contrast to opposing counsel dragging in boxes of files.  Legal Cloud Provider gives me a competitive advantage and the support to keep it all running smoothly.”

Additional Benefits of Being in the Cloud

Access to Everything from Anywhere

Legal Cloud Provider gives you secure access to your virtual workstation, containing your practice management system and data, from any Internet-connected device. You can access your cloud services through your computer, your tablet, your smart phone – from work, from home, or on the road.

Increased Reliability

Your Legal Cloud Provider environment is hosted in ultra-secure data centers in New York using multiple servers that provide failover protection and redundancy. As a result, your law firm and users enjoy increased productivity and a sharply reduced potential for costly crashes that can occur with conventional servers and infrastructure.

Protection from Natural Disasters

Our fortified, secure data centers have multiple Internet connections, backup generators and other redundancies. You don’t have to worry about hurricanes, floods or storms in your area affecting your cloud-based environment.

No Need to Switch IT Providers

Legal Cloud Provider can handle your servers and infrastructure, while still working closely with your existing IT firm or in-house staff.  This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of cloud hosting without losing the day-to-day support staff you know and trust.  Of course, if you’d like us to manage all IT, we can do that too, allowing your staff to focus on what’s most important – running and growing your practice.

Confidential and SecureSafe cloud computing concept

All of your firm’s files and data are accessible to no one but you and your law firm. These safeguards include

  • Internet security Enterprise-grade firewalls
  • Multi-layer Physical security (badge, key, and pin code controlled)
  • Data encryption (128-bit in-transit)
  • Virtualization security

Lower Cost

With the pay-as-you-go Legal Cloud Provider model you’re able to save significantly on the cash-intensive capital outlay to buy and build an internal system, as well as the ongoing costs of supporting that system. Instead, your only expense is a flat monthly fee that scales to match the number of users and your specific business demands.

Lower Risk

Building and maintaining your own system is fraught with pitfalls that can cause your law practice to come to a screeching halt. With Legal Cloud Provider’s cloud service your business is supported by enterprise-grade equipment and personnel that ensures your system stays up so your practice runs smoothly.

Fully Functional from Day One

Legal Cloud Provider is a turn-key system that can be ready in hours – not days.

Training from Legal Cloud Provider’s Experts

The Legal Cloud Provider team is certified in a wide range of legal applications, which means we’re able to train your staff on how to get the most out of each application.

Peace of Mind

Your firm will be more secure with our legal cloud service than it would be with an in-house system. You’ll have the expert support of an entire technology company rather than just one “computer guy” who can’t know everything and may leave the firm at any time.